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Fair Oaks Estates Testimonials

I would highly recommend Fair Oaks Estates to anybody

I have been a resident at Fair Oaks Estates since April, 2014. During my time here I have found there to be nothing in the operation that is lacking.

The food is good, the care staff is responsive, the activities are plentiful, and I enjoy relaxing in the courtyard taking in the sights or reading books from the library.

Richard Sachs

Grateful Resident

I believe these people are trying to do something very good for us, and I appreciate that very much.

Michael L. Troheun

Lee Crum

“Food is Good, Dessert is Great! Service is Fantastic! Good Atmosphere, Enticing “

Lee Crum

Best of Best 2018

Thank you residents, families, staff, volunteers, and community support groups for selecting us the Best of the Best for 2018!! We could not have done it without you. Great Job!

Carmichael Award Program

great job taking care of our Mother

Fair Oaks Estates is doing a great job taking care of our Mother – Everyone is very friendly. We don’t have any complaints.

Kathy Lawler

Great Facility

So glad I found Fair Oaks Estates for my Mother. Great Facility, Thank You.

Linda Calkins

Robert B – Yelp

My mom and mother in law have been residents at Fair Oaks Estates since last November. We see them at least once or twice a week. All the staff that interact with us are very professional caring and knowledgeable. They offer so many activities that we have to make appointments with them so we don’t interrupt bingo or happy hour. We recently attended a forth of July celebration with bbq, ice cream sundaes, and a live band. Everyone had a wonderful time. We have been to thanksgiving,Christmas, and st. Patrick’s day celebrations. My wife and I have witnessed so many acts of kindness and respect by staff to the residents. I am a registered nurse and appreciate the low turner over of staff and the professionalism of the staff and
management at Fair oaks estates. My wife and I feel very comfortable
knowing that our mom’s are safe and happy.

Robert B and Wife

Bill Vandyck, Related to Resident

Over the past year, I really like the increased variety of Activities Fair Oaks Estates has offered the residents, plus the number of family activities they offer too. My Mom enjoys inviting us over to join in, and participate. Thank you.

Bill Vandyck

You guys are always so friendly

You guys are always so friendly, and personable & Always Helpful. All your work is appreciated.

Monica Lawler

Michael C on Yelp

“Mom had been in a Nursing Home in Paradise CA after having a heart attack in July. With dementia present, we had been looking for an Assisted Living residence for her- one that had Memory Care on site in case it was eventually needed. When the Nursing Home surprised us with a discharge only a week away, Mom began exhibiting strange behavior, which I attributed to stress over not having a place to go. So, we changed our philosophy from checking out every place we could find to finding one as soon as possible near family in Citrus Heights. The next day my cousin came here and said they filled the requirements we had and the price was right. When I got back in town, I stopped in and put down the deposit. At this point, just having a place for Mom was more important than doing an extreme amount of homework. Mom’s mental condition worsened here, through no fault of anyone. From forgetting that she was given meds to coming up with stories of things being stolen (Things we never had in the first place), Mom was a handful. But, Kurt, Rhonda, Parveen, Bea and the entire staff were so very kind and helped to try and ease any anxieties Mom had. Mom passed away yesterday from an Aortic Aneurysm (A condition unbeknownst to us, she apparently had for awhile), exactly one month to the day that she first entered Fair Oaks Estates. Even if we had finished with our exhaustive research (And especially considering we toured and made a decision here in one day), we could not have asked for a better place for Mom to have spent her last month. She was 81, a former Head Nurse, and as independent as you can be, struggling to find herself in this new life where the old TV remote that she had for years was a struggle to comprehend. I want to thank the staff- and the Med Tech’s whom she was the most hardest on- for all of their kindness and attention. From the bottom of my heart, they were the absolute best and I could not have been happier with our decision. I love you, Mom. I miss you terribly. RIP”

Michael C

My mother was a resident

My mother was a resident at Fair Oaks Estates in Carmichael for three years. For the last two years, she was in the Memory Care Unit. She received wonderful care throughout her stay. We toured a couple of other long term care facilities, but were so impressed with Fair Oaks when we saw it. I felt very comfortable with the decision from the first day, right through to her last. Thank you, everyone, at Fair Oaks Estates!

Terri Watson

The kindness of everybody.

Fair Oaks Estates is outstanding! They provide a very personal one-on-one service. The staff is caring and compassionate. They also have an excellent environment and facilities.

It is always a joy to visit my mother-in-law and the facility, where it’s very peaceful and quiet. They make you feel welcome and at home.

Fred Pursemund

Natalie Smith, Registered Nurse & Daughter of a Resident.

My mother’s lived at Fair Oaks Estates for over two years. She’s doing great, thanks to the wonderful staff and management. They do a terrific job and my mother couldn’t be happier.

Natalie Smith

Hector Reed, Retired Firefighter & Grateful Resident

After becoming ill, I moved into Fair Oaks Estates. I moved in thinking Fair Oaks would be my new home, but, thanks to the caring staff, I actually became strong enough to move back into my own home. Because of the staff, I feel like I have a second chance at life. I also feel that if I get ill again, the only place I’ll go is Fair Oaks Estates

Hector Reed

Mrs. Helen Cameron, Wife of a Resident

I have visited several places, but Fair Oaks Estates was one that really made me feel at home. All of the staff have made me feel welcome and treated me like family. The food is great, the facility is always clean, the staff is always smiling and most importantly, my husband is well cared for and very happy.

Mrs. Helen Cameron

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